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We pride ourselves in being the go to eavestroughing and fascia service for both home and business owners. We offer twenty eight different colors to choose from, and will work with you to ensure that we meet your exact needs. We supply and install eavestroughing, soffit & fascia, leaf guards and more! The crew at KTM Eavestroughing are experienced with working on buildings big and small, and will never charge you by height of the job. Contact us today to schedule a job with a professional eavestroughing crew!


Eavestroughing redirects water and debris toward your downspouts and away from your roof. It is essential to keep water way from your foundation and also protects your siding and or parging from mud being splashed on it and staining it.   Quality eavestroughing can limit moisture accumulation and buildup of leaves or other plant debris, as well as add a beautiful accent to your home. We offer 5 inch  and 6 inch seamless eavestroughing in steel or aluminum, available in 28 different colors to perfectly match the exterior of your home and create a continuous even look around the whole house.

Soffit & Fascia




Installing soffit & fascia adds value to your property.  It takes away the maintenance of painting.  You will never have to worry about repainting again.  Install aluminum soffits & fascia to finish off your new or existing home or business.

Leaf Guard / Ice Stoppers




Leaf guards will extend the life of your eavestroughing.  You will no longer need to climb up a ladder or pay somebody to climb the ladder to clean out the leaves and pine needles that plug your downspouts.  Plugged downspouts will cause water to overflow and potentially flood your basement.  The leaf guards are professionally installed.  They are an after market product so they can be installed in your existing eavestrough as well as the new.   We do it all for you.

Overhead Doors

Commercial Overhead Doors

We will install metal overhead doors for residential homes.  Call KTM Eavestroughing to find out more about our overhead door service, or to speak with an experienced team member to install a new door today!

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